At Still Point Therapy, I incorporate techniques and knowledge that I acquired in France and in Australia. I search for the restrictions located in all the systems of the body and enhance health by balancing the healthy tissues with the dysfunctional ones. The nervous system, digestive system, muscular, joints, fascias and endocrine system work in a perfect harmony and a small disruption can cause imbalance therefore sickness and pain. Manual therapy has been used to improve health for thousands of years. A gentle touch can make a difference in your life!

As a Movement Restoration Coach, I aims to look for the potential injuries due to muscle imbalance.

Ones the client’s posture is notices and the muscle imbalances are identified, I treat the tight muscles with myofacial techniques, I teach you how to rehabilitate with corrective exercises, I help you to stretch and retrain your brain to use the proper pathway to movement.

I always was always interested by having the best lifestyle as possible. My curiosity never stops and there is so many areas in health that I wanted to explore. I have been studying at my own pace different topics as psychology, spirituality diet or fitness to name a few. My life experience taught me about those areas and I wanted to inspire my clients to reach their potential in those levels too. But my dilemma was  that it would take me a lifetime to be able to study what I want to study in schools and universities. And I have found a way to become a Wellness Coach…